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MEDISCA NETWORK INC. - A multi-dimensional Company dedicated to offering the compounding community the corner stone elements for the growth and establishment of a successful compounding practice. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of pharmacy continuing education training activities and technical support services geared toward the practice of pharmacy compounding. Our broad range of training activities are held in multiple venues across North America for pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and allied health professionals. We place quality above all else.

Our Mission
Raise the standards of pharmacy practice by offering quality pharmaceutical compounding training and technical support services, while engaging in and fostering proactive networking between the practices of pharmacy and medicine.

Our Team
Our team of professionals consists of an array of experts made up of academia and practicing professionals within retail pharmacy, hospital and hospice care. Additionally, our team members are highly successful compounding pharmacists/owners, physicians, lab technicians, formulation chemists and Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board (PCAB) auditors. Together, we encompass a wide range of both theoretical and practical compounding experience to promote excellence and expertise in the field of pharmacy compounding.

Comprehensive portfolio of Products and Services:

Continuing Pharmacy education activities are accredited by the University of Florida College of Pharmacy and our training activities employ contemporary instructional design concepts, creating a dynamic, energetic and interactive environment conducive to, and resulting in, significantly higher levels of learning. Core central concepts and activity themes are readily applicable to your day-to-day practice.

Activity portfolio:

  • The Science of Pharmaceutical Compounding®: Non-sterile Training
  • The Science of Pharmaceutical Compounding®: Technician Training
  • Advanced Non-Sterile Compounding
  • Essential Elements of Compounded Sterile Preparations
  • Essential Elements of Prescription Hormone Compounding
  • Essential Elements of Prescription Analgesic Compounding
  • Vision Ready: Business, Marketing and Sales for the Successful Compounding Pharmacist
  • Smart Compounding for Today’s Pharmacist
  • Quick Start Combo

Our Technical Support Services Department is comprised of expert compounding pharmacists, technicians and formulation chemists are dedicated to providing leading-edge patient-specific formulas that will meet the demands of today’s pharmacy and medical communities. We have an obligation to provide the best possible service to ensure the safety and security of the patient population.

Service portfolio:

  • Extensive on-line formula database
  • Customized formula design
  • Customer service helpline
  • Consultation Services
  • Standard Operating Procedures for Non-Sterile and Sterile Compounding
  • Pro-active Practice Management Modules

Key Benefits:

  • Provide yourself with the foundation to gain high quality training in both non sterile and sterile compounding while addressing the most current USP 795/797 guidelines
  • Opportunity to advance your skills in the most popular niche markets promoting a pharmacist and physician collaborative practice
  • Gain access to the tools and resources required for a compounder’s everyday needs
  • Establish a quality system which promotes a higher standard of practice
  • Enhance your knowledge-base and skill set to compound quality preparations to meet patient specific needs

Locations: Nationwide

Practice Settings: Hospital (Inpatient), Hospital (Outpatient), Infusion / IV Compounding, Retail / Community (Chain), Retail / Community (Independent), Specialty Pharmacy