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As one of the largest pharmacy chains in the nation, Kmart believes in letting its pharmacists do the jobs they were trained for--counseling and improving the health care of their patients. Our pharmacists know they can make a difference.

We offer excellent hours, flexible schedules and our pharmacies are even closed on most major holidays! Kmart Pharmacy career opportunities include some of the most desirable locations in 45 states, including Hawaii and Guam, plus the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

Current Pharmacy Career Opportunities:
All Pharmacist positions are part of the Kmart Management Team and are salaried positions.

Pharmacy Manager and Pharmacists manage the pharmacy operations, improve prescription sales and profits, and ensure courteous and efficient service to patients and customers.  The Pharmacy Manager is the certificate holder for state licensing requirements and holds Power of Attorney for ordering and maintaining controlled substances.

Floater Pharmacists handle Pharmacist responsibilities when the primary Pharmacist is on vacation, medical leave, or during other times of absence. In many instances, the Floater Pharmacist works closely with the Pharmacy District Manager to ensure coverage and profitable operations. Because this position provides an opportunity to gain a broad knowledge of pharmacy operations, many Kmart Pharmacists are promoted from this position.

Shared Pharmacists perform the usual duties of a Kmart Pharmacist, but divide their time between several pharmacy operations.

Pharmacy Interns earn valuable real-world experience at a Kmart pharmacy while extending their university based education.  These pharmacy-school students handle drug utilization review, counsel and communicate with patients, and communicate with other health care professionals, as allowed by state law. With our new Educational Leave of Absence, Interns may be able to work summers at a Kmart Pharmacy while earning their pharmacy license. This enables the intern to retain the original Kmart employment date if a Kmart Pharmacist position is accepted after graduation and licensure.

Kmart is an Equal Opportunity Employer M/F/V/D


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